I’m dragging myself through a rough patch

I thought I got through this but the sad truth is you don’t get through it you have to put up with it till it dies down and then prepare yourself for when it comes around again. I currently can’t pick myself up and am depriving myself of all my human needs because I haven’t the energy or motivation to provide myself with self care. Today is just one of those days endless sleeping for an escape, to scramble away from what is bothering me in the reality. I don’t really know what it is that is making me feel the way I do. I just feel run down to the point I just don’t went to face today. I just want to shut off. I’m hurting and I don’t know why, I’m lost with no direction in site and I’m lacking the ability to pull myself out and away from this feeling. I just want it to stop two days in a row now I’ve felt like this. Im afraid if I ask for help I’ll just be give medication again just after I’ve finally come of all forms and am supporting myself without. Medication isn’t my answer, medication won’t fix this.

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