Self Inflicted loneliness

I feel incredibly lonely throughout so many areas of my life. I don’t really understand why? I have my family, a few good friends and my cat. It doesn’t mater though I could be sat in a room with friends and family and still feel lonely. I feel like I’m not actually there half the time. Not present, don’t exist and that is the reason why I push people further and further away but they don’t understand they don’t see it that we’re now on completely different levels. It’s the reason I avoid people, the reason I’m always alone the reason I stay in doors most of the time and don’t go out. I just don’t feel like I can be apart of something that involves any form of social interaction with multiple peoples. No one seems to see it just what suffering a hearing loss does to you on the inside. It’s a very lonely place and will ever change this feeling I feel inside I don’t know.

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