Voice inside my head

I keep applying for all these jobs and I haven't got accepted for any of them because you need experience and not just few months a year. Please enlighten me where on earth am I meant to get or gain experience when you won't even give me a chance to work. I'm satrting to feel like I'm going to have a break down. There is way to much going on in my life at the moment to the point I have stopped eating and just sleep for days on end... I keep trying to pull myself together and get my self out there but I contiiously keep getting hit down. I keep question what is the actual point anymore in trying to look for work when it feels like. I'm just getting knocked down because of my hearing loss, It almost like people hear me mention in an email or text and there this instant avoidance! I guess I'll just get a job as a shelf stacker no communication needed and probably the only thing I'll ever be good at. 

Sorry, I've just got so much going on at the minute.