About me:

Hello, to you viewer.

I see you stumbled upon my personal blog. Welcome to dbb, if you haven't guessed it deafboiblogs! 

Yes I do have a real name, it's Ryan but people call me Ry for short. I am 21 years old. I am profoundly deaf in both my right and left ear, though I haven't always been deaf. I lost my hearing in my left ear at age 18 on the 4 / 15 and week later on my right, this is when my journey from hearing to deaf began. 

I made dbb up when I was recovering in hospital from Niseria Meningococcal Meningitides, a serious health condition that can leave someone with serious complications to do with the nervous system, these are as follows: severe brain injury, loss of a limb, blindness and the one that I was left with deafness. Though the results could off have been so much more disastrous, I could have lost the precious thing called life. Yes, thats right the result could have been death but instead I went deaf.

Though my blog is centred around my deafness, meningitis and recovery, I do have some other conditions that you may see mentioned around the blog.

Thank you, for stubling upon my blog.