Lip reading

For those of you who are not aware what lip reading is let me explain. Lip reading is a skill that anyone can learn and can be quite a handy skill to posses for many reasons. Think about the time you’ve been in a really loud environment and communication is disrupted. You can’t hear the person trying to exchange information with you. Having this skill would allow you to overcome that barrier. To a degree we all lipread already without even knowing we do but some letters and sounds pronounced have have very similar lip pattern of the mouth, lips and tongue and this is when you begin to struggle to progress the skill and lip reading classes come in to help you understand how to become skilled at lip reading.


Now where do we see lip reading used people who are born Deaf, hard of hearing or suffer a hearing loss depending on the the root of development will use lip reading along with sign language. Lip reading is actually synchronised with sign language and in way forms the foundations of the language, though they’re completely separate skills.

So I’ve decided to take up the time and opportunity to learn to lipread as I feel this would benefit me hugely. I personally struggle with hearing people.

Right now to the educational part. For lipreading to be successful means of communication awareness of it is considerably important. People assume that for someone to lipread you have overemphasise your lip pattern though that just makes you look incredibly silly and makes the person using lip reading feel embarrassed. You are practically mocking them without even realising it. Speak the way you do as you would with any other person. There is no need to talk in slow motion there no need to exaggerate lip pattern. It just comes across offensive

Do not put your hands anywhere near your face. Use them for gesturing by all means, that can help some people but don’t cover your mouth so just keep your hands away from your face end off. For someone to read your lips they need to see them for the whole period you are speaking for or there will be gaps left in the conversation and it can’t be made sense of most of the time. Another area here that links in here is speaking and facing in the direction of the person lipreading. If you turn away there are going to be blanks in the conversation.

Credit to actiondeafness

If you ever meet a person who is Deaf, hard of hearing or anywhere in-between make sure to think about the position you are standing or facing, be stood a reasonable distance and make sure you are facing the person who is lipreading. Remember not to obstruct the view of your face in any form, wether this be with your hand or piece of paper etc. Next speak as if you would with anyone else. If the person who is lipreading needs you to slow down or needs you to adjust your speech in anyway or needs something repeating they will ask in most scenarios, however keep in mind some people won’t and will need prompting if they’re understanding. check now and again if you’re being understood but don’t over do this.

That is how simple it is to help out someone who Lip reads