Strutting my stuff to show awareness


On Friday the 13th of September a day that is supposedly meant to be unlucky. I had just finished work completely oblivious to the fact that I applied for a competition few a days back for Models of Diversity. I put my keys into bowl near the door and my phone on the side and went to get a drink when I saw my phone light up on the side. I went to grab it and take a look, to my surprise it was an instagram notification, I didn’t think anything of it at first and just thought it was someone liking a something on my very empty/dull instagram page. I couldn’t help myself, I unlocked my phone and took a look, it was from Models of Diversity. I still didn’t think anything of it at this point until I opened it and the words congratulations stood right in-front of my eyes of disbelief. I looked at it again, it took a while to sink in then it did. I started bouncing up and down with excitement, I had never won anything quite like this before. 

I decided to drive up to Croydon which wasn’t the best idea. I wasn’t even aware Croydon had trams I didn’t even know what one looked like till today 14th of September. I parked the car up in a car park that I found unaware how far away I had actually parked from the place I was suppose to be. After a brief walk out into the high street, following apple maps to where I had to be.

I finally arrived and was greeted by who I assume was social media manager and events organiser, who made me feel welcome. I was then rushed of to find an outfit with a stylist who said I have quite a bad boy edgy look which is pretty much what I was trying to archive with what I chose to wear that day. The stylist found a few bits a pieces and chucked these together. I unfortunately didn’t get the time to take picture of each individual piece of clothing as show time was fast approaching. I was trying to practice my walk as we walked back to the staging area where all the models where. I Felt really out of place at first as allot of these people new exactly what they was doing and had done it all before, was use to the fast paced atmosphere, where as I wasn’t. I sat on my own and just played on my phone till showtime had come around but I really felt like I wasn’t ready and needed allot of encouragement, that I was provided with by one of the girls, she was with me till I had to do the rest on my own. Standing there waiting for the person in front to arrive back was very anxiety provoking. I knew as soon as she walked past me I had to go and show of these clothes along with the fact I was deaf with cochlear implants. I walked down the walk in a slow pace to make sure I was allowing people to take in what I was wearing, when I reached the end I looked down at the floor to the left then up and round to show off what was on the back of my head to make sure people took notice of what I was wearing on my head, to make them curious, to spread some kind of awareness at the same time as selling these clothes with my body and unusual look. I then pivoted on my feet back round and started my walk back to the start where everyone gave me cuddles and cheer and encouragement to what I had just completed without no experience at all. 

All the models looked stunning and really worked their outfits on that walk. I feel so privileged to have been given such an opportunity to be able to Model for such an outstanding charity Models of Diversity dedicated to changing the face of fashion and smashing down boundaries along with breaking stigma of misunderstood labelling. Allowing fair and equal opportunities to everyone off all walks of life ,no matter the label.

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