13'000 ft fall

From the start of being on the receiving end of support from Meningitis Now. I set myself a goal, for whatever amount of support I received, I would give two times more back when I was in a more stable place in my recovery to do so. One of my closest friends came up with the idea to do something unforgettable and challenging, It is quite a laughable moment, to be honest as our starting point for fundraising entailed a medium-difficulty abseil down ArcelorMittal Orbit, that was more so a free fall down to the bottom. However, this did not go through in the end and was cancelled. From then on we quite literally jumped quite far ahead of ourselves by signing up for a full-blown 13,000 feet, free-falling skydive.

I, my friend and one other person we came in to contact with at a group run by Meningitis Now itself are currently preparing ourselves for the big event on the 23rd of August. If we could get more people who have been impacted by Meningitis to join it would be ideal but the 13,000 feet dive is approaching fast but not as fast as we are going to free-fall. If you would like to join please make contact before 10th of August. The dive is taking place at Peterborough.

Most people taking part have been impacted by Meningitis whether this is themselves a friend or family member. Please see below peoples comments about why they're taking part in the event.

Stacey Woodcock: just giving

Stacey, who has been there supporting Ryan from day 1 of the impact of Meningitis

Stacey, who has been there supporting Ryan from day 1 of the impact of Meningitis

I’m taking part to help spread the awareness of how meningitis can affect people and how to spot the signs quicker. I want people to understand and know about Meningitis Now and what an amazing job they do to help support everyone they can, who have had or know anyone that has had meningitis.

I’m nervous but very excited not to only take part but to push my limits and do something big for such an amazing charity.

Rachel Ibbotson:

I wanted to do the skydive to raise money/awareness because I've met some inspiring people through the charity who have all benefited from their support.

It has been a challenge to manage after-effects after I was ill, and it's impacted on life. I struggled through University and managed to graduate then went onto secure my first teaching job recently and will be moving out from my parents home this week.

I want to raise awareness of how meningitis impacts on everyday life and challenge myself by doing this skydive.

On the lead up I'm trying not to think about it too much as it's a scary thought!

Ryan Trimmings ( me ) just giving

Ryan, who has proved to himself time and time again that nothing is going to hold him back!

Ryan, who has proved to himself time and time again that nothing is going to hold him back!

My story of Meningitis is quite fast-paced one minute I was fine the next well… I was deaf. I was one of these people that weren't even aware that young adults could even contract Meningitis. I didn't even know what it was at the time. I remember I went out for a run and shrugged off the symptoms as if they weren't anything serious. I never got the rash the first time around with bacterial meningitis but three years later when I obliviously contracted a Viral form Meningitis I got the rash. I'm doing this skydive because I have received so much support from Meningitis Now they funded my B.S.L lessons to learn a basic level of sign language. They guided and supported me back in the direction I wanted to go after being impacted and left in quite a bad way with severe depression. I'm so independent now, something I thought I could never be.

I seem to be thinking about the skydive as it approaches. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous but so elated to even be able to have this chance to do something not a lot of people have the chance experience. I can't wait to get up there and jump for all those who lost their fight, those who lost someone, those who are going through recovery. This is for you! I can’t wait to feel that immense feeling of feeling on cloud 9, well falling through cloud 9.

Thank you, to those who you have shown support, shared and donated.

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