From hearing to deaf

I’m just another simple human being born hearing, grew up hearing, went to school hearing but just as I got to the most important development stage of my life, I was struck with an illness that left me Profoundly deaf. I chose not to let this get in the way as much as I could but to this day, it still gets to me. I then realised something, I’m still that version of myself before I went deaf, have been up to this very moment. I didn't die and was reborn, thats not how this works. It felt like I forgot who I was, the saddest part is that I tried to forget who I was for all the wrong reasons. I don’t need to erase the person I was before and base my whole entire life around my deafness, that is what I did as soon as I left the hospital after recovering from Meningitis. I forced myself to shape my life around my new found label. I’ve now come to realise I don’t need to let it define me.

Coming up to five years being profoundly deaf, I’m not ashamed to say it anymore, It’s just another part of me, the other half of that I’ve been hearing. I’m fortunate enough to experience/understand what it is like to be hearing, yet I now face the frustrations of being deaf. I feel like I’ve found a drive, motive, a reason for living. Such an experience can be such a negative. I remember and still do hear to this day, others make a comment that they couldn’t deal with loosing their hearing, they usually throw in the sight comparison at the same time, that personally makes me curl my toes, to say. Yes, it is negative but there is so much negative in this world and sometimes you just have to face it and use what you have to your advantage.

One step at a time, there is no need to rush

One step at a time, there is no need to rush

Experiences are the keys to making change, positive change and that is what I plan to do from now on, rather than dwell over what I can’t change. My deafness will not define me anymore. I don’t need deaf friends, a deaf partner, my family and friends to learn sign language (though that would be nice) I don’t need to be apart of one community to feel apart of reality again. I just need to be me and acknowledge that I have access to both communities and now I need to use that to my advantage.

Experience = change. Change is needed to make the world more accessible to the Deaf. I had it so easy when I was hearing now I face the disadvantages and frustrations that come with Deafness. I now experience everything I did as a hearing person as a deaf person. I’ve quite literally been put into a Deaf persons shoes, permanently.

I look forward to accessing my creative side to bring content that will open peoples eyes to a bigger picture at the same time as changing the way they take for granted their own hearing. My blog is mainly dedicated to Deaf Awareness and anything hearing loss related. I’m not going to ask you to subscribe, that is not the point of this, the real point is to make a CHANGE but you are welcome to like, comment, share or subscribe. One day I will learn how to send news letters, maybe.

Take care and remember, just be you!