Meningitis Story

It's quite daunting that just one decision, choice, can change everything. I was one of these people that already had multiple issues wrong with them. I had an attitude most people have about topics like this the it'll never happen to me. I never expected something like this to occur, it was the last thing on my mind. Who would have thought that just one little choice could lead to this very moment of my existence. I'm here writing these words, lucky to have been given a second chance, after being shown what it feels like to possibly take your last breath. Lets go back to that place I was in back then, the day I didn't realise would be the reason for my hearing loss, yet the start of my deaf journey.

 3 years and 7 months back...

Hospital 2015.jpg

I remember I wasn't in good place after a break up and was plagued by negative feelings and emotions, at some points I was self harming and felt desperate to get away from myself that I tried take my own life at one point, as you can see I failed and I'm glad I did because what was about to come was going to change my whole perception of death. I didn't realise the lesson in stock for me was to be pushed right to what could have been the last hours, minute and seconds of my existence.

I went for a run to get myself out the house and because I loved running it was a coping mechanism, you can run away from your problems just to get a little break from them. I left the house in my running gear put my apple ear phones in and walked out of my street before running. For some reasons I had to be off the street from where I live before running, maybe just in case I fell over. I was running, I even remember the route I took in vivid detail the exact place I felt what I didn't realise was the first symptom of what was to come. A shooting pain in my head, I stopped and raised my hands to my head and thought, just what I need a headache. I decided to turn around and head back home, I just about complete my run so it was no issue. 

When I arrived home I ran straight in line for the pain relief and headed to bed for some rest. I woke up and felt hungry. I went down stairs to grab some food and pain relief before heading to the front room to sit down. My head was still thumping at this point but I just shrugged it off. A few minutes went by and my eyes became heavy again, so I laid my head on a pillow and made myself in a little ball, I fell into a deep sleep. I woke at this point after having a nightmare and my headache was still occurrent. I realised it was night and I was the only one in the room. I stood up and headed back up to my room. I got into bed and rest my eyes something came over me,  I felt delusional like the I was shut off not quite there if you know what I mean. I felt my body temperature heighten but at the same time I felt cold to the bone. I went to call out for someone but the worlds never left my mouth.

I woke in the morning with the head ache that had doubled in pain, it felt like something was pulsating in my head. I sat up and realised an unusual feeling in my right ear like a pressure increase, to my surprise I realised that I was unable to hear out of it. I felt nauseous, out of know where and ran for the toilet. I through up repeatedly. I told my parents about it, something was not right, I started to feel concerned. They called the doctor, when the doctor arrived he examined me, I didn't even realise he was there, I had become so disorientated. I remember him checking my reflexes.  I was told that I had the flu and should rest. At this point I said about the hearing loss and he became increasingly concerned and instantly called an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived I realised my vision had gone blurry. I could feel myself slipping in and out of consciousness until I was out cold. 

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I came around after being stabilised in accident emergency. I woke up with people around me in mask and my mother was there with my sister waiting for me to come out of my loss of consciousness. I was so scared, I didn't even know what had happened or how I got to the hospital. A doctor walked into the room with a clipboard of what I only could assume was test results. When they realised I was awake and conscious they began to speak, they said it looks like I had contracted Niseria Meningococcal Meningitis and Septicaemia, they mentioned if I hadn't have got to hospital within the next few hours I would have died. Remember when I said about the doctor was going to pass it off as flu for reasons of me mentioning my hearing loss he sent me to hospital, in theory going deaf saved my life.

I have told you this for reasons of all this happening in a matter of days and hours, this is how quick meningitis can develop and be a threat to you or someone you know. Don’t wait for a rash! symptoms of meningitis don't happen in any a

particular order it can develop without showing any symptoms until the last minute, just like it did with me.

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