Access to support

I've come to realise there is a limited amount of social support out there for young adults who are deaf with a hearing loss. 

It almost like there is a rather large gap/space that is missing. See you get support from the start of childhood with Deafness or hearing loss, though this is probably the most important stage to access support it is not the only one. 

What I don't quite understand is there seems to be this missing piece. I've found that there are groups out there to help older adults with a hearing loss to socialise and that continues through till 65+ I've been to groups to support hearing loss with people in this age range. Don't get wrong you can learn a lot from them. 

Have you seen the missing piece yet? 

Young adults... there doesn't seem to be any kind of social support for young adults with hearing loss. I've been looking for so long a social support group for this particular stage of life for so long, probably since the day, I lost my hearing, though I never found one. In fact, there is no support for adults with hearing loss at all, not to mention access to information vital for health and social wellbeing. 

I understand that people get continuous support as they grow up being born deaf, though what happens to the people who go deaf later on... It becomes more difficult to find social groups and support due to not being able to access it or not being aware it is there. I have met a few people who were completely oblivious to what kind of support was out there to help them with there deafness/hearing loss and it seems to be the people who lost there hearing later on. 

When I first went deaf due to meningitis, I had no clue where to find support at first until I was put in the right direction by another service. I was put forward for NDCS for some support but due to my age, I was only able to get some help for small space of time. When I was removed from the service I kind of didn't know where to go and this is my point. Once you turn 18+ you are restricted to what health and social support you can access around your Deafness/hearing loss. It should not be this way at all. 

' Something needs to change... Isolation doesn't just affect you at a young age, it contiues to follow into your adult hood ' 

I only recently found access to meet with people all over the spectrum of Deafness in and around my own age, though I really wish I had this at the start of it all when I needed it the most. 

If you feel isolated and don't know where to access social support to meet people in similar circumstances to yourself. I would be happy to point you in the right direction to access all different kinds of support from; safety and security at home to accessing a social group of people with a hearing loss to accessing sign language.