Cochlear implant remote care

I was looking through the university of Southampton auditory implant service and came across an article about remote care for your cochlear implant. If are not aware of what this means I'll explain. Remote care means you won't have to go to the auditory implant service to have hearing tests done. It could be done at home with no need to leave the house. 

If your like me and have to travel quite far to get to audiology. You might not have to anymore. At the University of Southampton the team researched and are trying out a new remote care project to see how helpful this could be for recipients of cochlear implants. It seems the idea of remote care has been successful and will be offered to adults using cochlear implants across the UK at the end of summer. 

I personally think this is a great idea that is going to be successful just for reasons of people not having to travel from long distance just to have a hearing test 

What are your own views on this current topic? Leave a comment below. 

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