I had the most unusual feeling today something I've not felt before, what makes it all the more intreguing to me. I was given the a piece of paper an opertunity should we say. I got tied up with all the other things that go on in life and this piece of paper sank to the back of the desk draw, only to apear at the front the other day. I had looked at it, for some reason it stood out to me, so I picked it up and bagan to read through it. Voluteer community messenger... Out of know where stems of opertunities from just one opertunity flooded my mind.  I can't seem to get it out my head that this could be the first step into a direction that is meant to happen. I can't get this feeling to subside, it's strong like it's meant to be, thought I believe in things like that. I can't seem to divert my attentiion from it and I've never felt this way about any other opertunity I've been given in my life. It links in with everything about me and it could be something I would be good at, another thing I thought I would never say in my life. All this time I've never understood myself and feel like all of a sudden everyhting makes sense for once. It's a good feeling.