Hearing hooks

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I've been debating on what I want to blog about, so I thought I'd do a blog about the hearing technologies that help me and improve my hearing experience. I guess I'm going to aim this blog post at hearing hooks,  your best friend when it comes to music.

Hearing hooks you are probably thinking what is that? Let me explain. Hearing hooks are a audiological technology that not many deaf and hard of hearing people are aware of today. Hearing hooks are reliant on the tele-coil mode also referred to as t-mode, found on most hearing aids and cochlear implants. If you are aware of what earphones look like, they're practically the same accept for the ear piece. Instead of going on the inside the ear they go over the ear and sit right next to your hearing aid or cochlear implant processor. 

If you're like me and feel left out when you see people walking around with their earphones round their neck, you don't have to no more. With hearing hooks, they provide the wire and a deaf friendly ear piece to make you feel apart of the group. 

Now I'm going to give a quick overview about the hearing hooks because there are good and bad things about them. I'll start of with the bad: so with hearing hooks they're expensive like most equipment that is there to aid people. You are going to find there is sometimes interference , if you are near by some kind of signal for example radio. Like anything that is wired it gets in knots, this can become a pain in the butt and it's the one thing I dislike more cables.  

Now onto the good! Right I'll start of with no one can hear you're music but you! So if you enjoy listening to some music you're embarrassed to be heard listening to, then hearing hooks are for you. For reasons of a direct connection to you're aid or implant only you can hear it. Right now onto the quality music quality is good there I no cut out or reduction in the quality of music you can hear it clear. 

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